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The Labyrinth

The National Archives reports a one terabyte storage disk, enough to hold a million novels, is missing, taken or lost sometime between October 2008 and January 2009. Richard Fernandez, at the Belmont Club, calls the search for it Entering The Labyrinth. Was it stolen? If so, who profits, politically or financially? If it was stolen, who would pay for the information, either politically or financially?



Knossos was a lively town

Or so the ancients say

Its splendor gained it great renown

A marvel of its day

But gods are mortal after all

And fall in love with bulls

And thus was born what we would call

A monster dressed in wools

His body man, a bull for head

Poor Minos was distraught

His wife, the goddess he had wed

Dishonor on him brought

And so was built the labyrinth

To house the half-man beast

With name inscribed upon a plinth

In letters deeply creased

Good Theseus did undertake

To slay the monster dead

But first precautions he must make

By stringing out a thread

Behind to lessen the great risk

For Minotaur lay hid

In deep recess with missing disk

A terabyte for bid