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Sign Language

We are now all aware of the fake sign language interpreter for the deaf who used gestures of his own devising when interpreting President Obama’s eulogy for the still dead Nelson Mandela. Using signs of my own devising, I spoke to the fake interpreter shortly after the president’s speech, and asked him what Obama said. He replied

I sign Barack Obama
And this is what he say
He say he love Mandela
And sad to see this day
He say Mr. Mandela
Is greatest man alive
As well be Raoul Castro
A man he give high five
He say Mister Mandela
Spend many years in jail
And if Mandela ask him
He gladly pay his bail
He joke and say Mandela
Now go to his reward
But say Mandela be back
That heaven make him bored
I often think he lying
And folks say can you prove
You know he telling lie when
You see my fingers move