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Silent Night

New Year’s Eve. Christmas is over, and the dire threats of Al Qaeda to spread panic with a spate of Christmas bombings has not come to pass. The Taliban now have surface to air missiles? The word in Defense Department circles had it that the Chinese trained the Taliban in the use of surface to air missiles in order to shoot down Santa Claus, whom the Chinese rightly believe to be us. But Santa came through the season unscathed. All of this was just a waste of Al Qaeda suicide bombers and a waste of Chinese time, of which they have much, and of Chinese money, of which they have much of ours, for Santa Claus and Christmas are not long for this world anyway, if the ACLU and the multi-cultis have their way, and both Santa Claus and  Christmas will soon be consigned to the old dustbin of history.


Christmas has come and gone again, and I was struck, as I have been for many years now, with how far we have come in de-linking Christmas with the birth of Christ. Kids don’t sing Christmas carols in school anymore lest someone be offended at the display of Christianity. There are no more Christmas pageants in our nation’s public schools, with little kids dressed as angels. No, all that is gone, and good riddance say he multi-culturalists and the ACLU and the other crazies of the Left. Gone and replaced with Winterfest, or Winter Festival, as if we were all a bunch of Druids. Merry Christmas has been replaced with Happy Holidays, and Christmas cards hardly mention the name of Christ. Then again, maybe we are all Druids now.     



Happy holidays! The children cry

As Winterfest begins

They’re off from school but don’t know why

Their faces shiny grins

They know snowmen and Santa Claus

And elves and presents too

They know of wide nutcracker jaws

And snowy landscape view

But they don’t know what it all meant

At least not many do

They think it’s all about the gent

Who with his reindeer flew

They’ve not been told of Jesus’ birth

To do so would offend

They’ve not been told He came to Earth

His mission to attend

Born Christmas day so long ago

Two thousand years and more

In a dry land that saw no snow

A babe men did adore

He’s Christ the King men did avow

Sent to us by His father

And if he looked around Him now

He’d say Why did I bother?