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Why Is It Always Me?

The Nigerian scammers are at it again, this time claiming to have Khadaffi’s billions but need help in getting it out of the country, and all they need is your bank account number and they will wire transfer a million dollars to you. Not everyone of course is lucky enough to be let in on this windfall, and I chanced upon an Obama voter who lamented that he deserves Khadaffi’s riches every bit as much as the next man does. With tears in his eyes, he said,



Oh what a skeptic’s life we live

When we can’t trust someone to give

Us all the riches in the world for free

I wonder though now it is done

Why I was not the chosen one

How come that email didn’t come to me

Am I not worthy of receipt

Of emails free of all deceit

That promise riches past my wildest dreams

I voted for Obama so

I am entitled to that dough

To make up for my losses in his schemes

Solyndra cost me quite a bit

And on GM I took a hit

But I don’t mind the losses for you see

It’s for the good of all of us

That some get thrown under the bus

I wonder though why it is always me


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