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The Pendulum

It has been reported that tiger parks in India no longer contain any tigers, but the parks still employ thousands of bureaucrats to look after the non-existent tigers.  Similarly, in the Philippines, deforestation has progressed to such a point that there are no longer any forests, yet the government employs thousands of forest managers to manage the non-existent forests. In the United States the number of kids dropping out of school increases exponentially, yet the answer is to hire more teachers. We are living now in the age of big government excess, of big government pensions and bloated government paychecks, and it will take a long time to correct this imbalance, a long time for the pendulum to swing back the other way. Yet the pendulum will inevitably swing back the other way, for this is the nature of pendulums The pendulum never stops. When it begins at the top of its arc, favoring one over another, and forces are set in motion to bring it to equilibrium, it does not stop its swing when all is equal, it continues its swing to the top of the opposite arc until the one who was most disadvantaged is now the most advantaged. And so it goes, and so it shall always go.



The pendulum’s amazing grace

Is captured in its steady pace

It swings a measured arc in time

Steadfastness at its most sublime

And yet the pendulum disturbed

Can act in many ways perturbed

Once set in motion to correct

A perceived flaw that leads direct

To acts that cause the weight to swing

In greater arcs that soon will bring

A dislocation of the way

In which affairs of man obey

The laws of nature as defined

By mankind from time out of mind

For pendulums don’t ever rest

They do what they always do best

They rest not bottom of the arc

When seen no tigers in the park

But move yet still as they will please

Despite the lack of forest trees

The pendulum is never still

It swings eternal, always will


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