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The Unmailed Fist

There was a time the policy of every confident country was to show the enemy a mailed fist, and often just showing the fist was enough to persuade strutting peacocks to fold their tail feathers and walk quietly away. But the mailed fist is no longer the policy of the United States. The US State Department is filled top down with people who believe that war is not to be won but to be negotiated. State has said repeatedly that if you kill your enemies you then have no one to negotiate with. And so every time it looks like we are about to commit the unpardonable sin of winning, the State Department steps in and opens negotiations, letting the defeated enemy up off the mat. This is called nuanced diplomacy.



The State Department seems to think’

That blowing kisses makes foes blink

They sneer at thoughts of the mailed fist

And firmness never made the list

Our friends are ever treated thus

By being thrown under the bus

And enemies do not exist

Just friends whom we have not yet kissed

And mailed fists only have success

When mailed Fed Ex or UPS


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