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Turn The Other Cheek

The foreign policy of the Obama administration is clearly to turn the other cheek. The Iranians kill our soldiers and there is no retaliation; the Iranians boast that when they get the bomb they will incinerate every Jew in Israel, and Obama claims the Mullahs are our friends; the Iranians sent a hit team to DC to assassinate the Saudi ambassador and we shrug it off because we don’t want to offend the people who are determined to kill us. We lose a super secret drone in eastern Iran and Obama refuses to allow the military to destroy it so that its invaluable secrets do not fall into the hands of the Iranians, and through them the Chinese and Russians. The reason for the Obama refusal is because he was afraid the Iranians would consider it an act of war. But the Iranians declared war on us 32 years ago, in 1979, and we continue to turn the cheek.



Be peaceable, my children

And turn the other cheek

Will only get you slapped again

And scorned for being weak

Yes death soon comes to he who waits

For peace to come from high

And offers cheeks instead of fists

To killers drawing nigh


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