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Waitin’ For The Train To Come In

President Obama says he has a plan to create many boucoup jobs, and wants everyone to get on board. But he doesn’t realize the train has already left. Maybe he’s waiting for the next one.



Waitin’ for the train to come in

‘Publicans as evil as sin

Waitin’ for the choo choo to blow off steam

Fill ‘er up with people who share the dream

Union bosses wanting in on the scheme

And off she goes with one mighty din

Running sprightly straight right down the track

Listen to that clickety clack

All we want is for us to have the chance

To show you my old White House knows how to dance

We’ll get this country going and then old Nance

Will join us when we take the House back

Obama pulls the whistle, a great big grin

He loves the open cab with rain blowin’ in

When up above there comes now a mighty shout

Slow down there Mr. Pres’dent,  the bridge is out

We’re goin’ in the river and there’s no doubt

This wreck will take a whole lot of spin

The gandy dancers straightened the track all right

The prez and his advisors walked through the night

Washington was dark and closed when they got back

Of course the MSM will cut them all some slack

Some hocus pocus numbers and we’re in the black

Twenty twelve won’t be a pretty sight


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