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I Can Dream, Can’t I?

After World War 1 the German government of the Weimar Republic experienced a period of hyperinflation from 1921 to 1923, brought on, in part, by the war reparations inflicted on Germany by the Versailles Treaty ending the war, a war Germany lost but did not start. The London Conference of 1921 at which Britain and France demanded the reparations be paid in gold was the tipping point. In 1918 one gold German mark was equal to one paper German mark. By the end of 1923 one gold German mark was equal to one trillion paper German marks. Are we heading for a similar hyperinflation? The signs are not good. The Obama administration has saddled the US with trillions upon trillions of debt as far into the future as the eye can see. Foreign countries are looking around for an alternate reserve currency, and if that happens oil will no longer be priced in dollars, which means the US Treasury will have to buy whatever currency is then the world reserve. When the dollar is no longer the world’s reserve currency China will no longer buy our Treasury bills. What happens when China demands hard currency for the trillions of dollars in US treasuries it already owns? The next question is, is this all a part of the plan to degrade the United States, to reduce us to just another middle of the pack country, no longer the hyperpower, no longer the big kid on the block? There are some, perhaps many, in the Democratic party who would like to see the United States brought down a peg or two. Is massive debt and the destruction of the currency the Left’s dream of gaining permanent control of a weakened United States?    



In Weimar people cried Why me?

As savings turned to smoke

A lifetime’s earnings now a sea

Of debt and in their poke

Instead of solid paper cash

That once bought bread and wine

They found the paper money trash

A billion marks to dine

The middle class gone in a trace

The solid burghers done

And now the US in the race

All started by the One

Who thinks a trillion here and there

Is nothing, what the heck

With trillions more ‘til cupboard’s bare

That’s how he’s stacked the deck

We know what fate befell them next

A Hitler was his name

O dreams that with the right pretext

He too can play that game

Let not a crisis go to waste

Is O’s bright guiding light

He’s got four years, that’s why the haste

To do the darn thing right

Just grow the debt by leaps and bounds

Print money like the snow

Providing O with ample grounds

To cry the Law must go

He dreams he’ll guide the broken Ship

Of State to calmer climes

And once he has a nice firm grip

The Post and New York Times

Will name him President For Life

Obama The Supreme

And then just won’t he twist the knife

Ah but a man can dream