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A Stranger In Town

Many years ago there was a television program called Omnibus, where one Sunday afternoon a play about a murder was presented. The murderer wandered into town dressed in a clown suit, making the children laugh, charming all. But there was something more to this clown than playing the pipe and juggling balls. He had come to murder someone, which he did, then doffed his clown suit and fake beard and eyebrows and calmly walked out of town. Barack Obama is like that clown. He has walked into town with a smile on his face, but with the intent of murdering the United States.



The people have voted and thus by their grace

Have given the keys to a clown

Who dressed in neat suit with a smile on his face

Just wandered one day into town

And just as a clown is not all that he seems

With his juggling act and fake smile

So this stranger among us now proffers his dreams

With a coolness that defines his style

Yet under the smile lies a deep hidden threat

For this man who now holds us in thrall

Has with malice determined to put us in debt

And back us straight into the wall

His radical plan is to make us like Greece

Just another failed socialist state

He has plans to surrender and then call it peace

He has circled the calendar date

And when he’s destroyed the last freedom we have

And his commie friends cheer and rejoice

He will smile and claim sores must be smothered with salve

For the sores he sees gave him no choice

Yes he’s doing quite well what he set out to do

The destruction of US of A

And when he is done he will smile toodle-oo

And wish us a very good day