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The One And Done

A week or so ago President Obama was in Moscow, trying to reset the button in the relations between the United States and Putin’s Russia. Russia has agreed to allow the US to use Russian territory and airspace to re-supply our troops in Afghanistan, and one suspects Mr. Putin did not give away this chip carelessly. What is it President Obama gave Mr. Putin for this largesse? We don’t know, but I suspect it will be nothing good for the United States. President Obama’s entire foreign policy consists of his unalterable belief that his smiley charm will melt the steel cold heart of every dictator he meets, and that by apologizing for the United States and giving up our allies, principles and interests he can remake the world in an image acceptable to him and his radical left wing zealots. We can only hope the cliff he runs us off is not too high.



What else can we say

What more can we do

O’s here for another three years

In Moscow one day

Then Ghana, who knew?

He’s answered our very worst fears

He likes cutting deals

He thinks that his charm

Will dazzle the Putins he meets

The problem, one feels

He gives up the farm

To every dictator he greets

We know he has smarts

We’re told every day

His IQ is real and not feigned

But when he departs

How much did we pay

And what will the Kremlin have gained

A missile shield lost

An ally or two

What matter it’s all for the best

So what of the cost

What matters to you

Is that Obie passes the test

What test you may ask

The one Biden claims

Will come to inspire the One

To rise to the task

Or go down in flames

Let’s hope that it’s not One and done