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Barney Frank is always an easy target. See my earlier post He Went Thataway. So whenever nothing significant happens on a given day I trot out old Barney. He serves us lampooners well. Just the other day Barney Frank told a CNBC interviewer, “This interview is over,” and stormed away. Or maybe he pranced away. I don’t know, I wasn’t there. The interviewer was asking him about the Obama administration’s plans to determine the proper pay scale for private company executives, which Barney is in favor of. Timothy Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury, says while he is not in favor of the government setting private company pay scales, he believes the shareholders should have a say in what company execs earn. The problem is how to ask the shareholders what that pay should be, since most shares of large publicly held companies are held by major investment institutions. No, if this goes through, the shareholders will not determine executive pay in private companies, the government will, which means guys like Barney Frank and Tim Geithner will decide what the CEO of Microsoft should be paid. I talked this over with a five year old I know and she said, “I love Barney.”



She said if I were a designer kid

I’d want Barney for a daddy

I’d love him for the things he did

Though some say he’s a baddy

So what he’s played the Congress game

‘Cause so do many others

What e’re he’s done it’s just the same

As his Congressional brothers

I love him for his winning smile

I love him for his color

You can see purple for a mile

It never gets no duller


When I pointed out we weren’t talking about Barney the purple dinosaur but Barney the congressperson, a man who wants to help President Obama turn the country into a socialist paradise, a replica of France, a man who somehow forgot to declare all his income come tax time, a man who never saw a socialist program he didn’t like, she thought a moment before replying.


She said they’re just like robbers who

Just want to steal our freedom

There is no difference ‘tween the two

Just tweedledee and deedum

I like my country like it is

Why do they have to change it

They want to take away the fizz

And really re-arrange it

You say that Barney’s not a star?

He’s not what I’ve been thinkin’?

He’s not a purple dinosaur

He’s more like something pinkin’?

Well just for that I take it back

We’ll fit him for some nooses

If I’da known he’s just a hack

From lib’ral Massachoosses


Moral: You can fool some of the people all of the time, you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can only fool a five year old once.