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Behind The Curtain

Well, Khadaffi finally said goodbye, though the administration admits it didn’t know he was in the convoy that was hit by the Predator, so I suppose you could say Khadaffi’s death was accidental. And now it seems that tiny Qatar, our ally in the Gulf, is distributing weapons and money to various rebels throughout the Middle East, and bids to become a big time player. All of this, the so-called Arab Spring that is rapidly turning into the Iranian Summer, seems to be happening outside our keyhole sized window onto the world. Is it possible that the seeming ineptitude of the current administration foreign policy masks a cunning, behind the curtain wizardry? Is it possible we are doing something fiendishly clever, while only appearing to be clueless? I don’t think so either.



The Middle East is just the least

Of State Department worries

For here and there, front door, back stair

Our Sec of State she scurries

Meanwhile the Wiz, this moment is

Behind his curtain smirkng

He waves his wand, while old le monde

Knows not his wiles are working

What seems to be, to you and me

A failure of first water

As Arab Spring, quite soon will bring

The sudden rise of Qatar

Now who’da thunk, that little punk

Khaddafi coulda held out

Amid his palms, as Nato bombs

Presumed his doom was spelled out

Ah well it seems, the fondest dreams

Of State Department winnings

Will surely just, turn into dust

So much for new beginnings


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