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The Bomber Will Always Get Through

In the 1930s it was an article of faith among elected officials that the bomber would always get through, that the cities of the democracies would be destroyed, with horrific civilian casualties, by the Heinkels, Junkers and Dorniers of the Luftwaffe. There was good reason for this feeling, because it was true, the bombers of the day being faster than the fighters then in service. Radar changed the equation, and while the bomber still always got through, not many got home again. Now we have a different kind of bomber, fighting a different kind of war, and airport security, unlike radar, seems incapable of detecting this new bomber, at least in the politically correct way we currently practice it. An Israeli airport security expert once observed that the United States does not have a security system, it has a system for bothering people. So the bomber will always get through. 



Heinkels and Junkers

Drove people to bunkers

The bomber would always get through

But radar and Spits

Took care of the blitz

And now we have something that’s new

The bomber still flies

Still the queen of the skies

But the bomber’s now flying in coach

With a bomb in his pants

That won’t warrant a glance

Till he’s making the runway approach

They will use any means

To defeat airport screens

They’re determined to kill me and you

And they’ll smile as they die

As the plane leaves the sky

Yes the bomber will always get through