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In My Merry Oldsmobile

The Canadians want to build a pipeline south, bringing massive quantities of oil to American refineries, but the Obama administration and the environmentalists say no. The Left has shut down all drilling and will not permit even a pipeline to despoil the living Goddess Gaia, all of which fits right in with the Obama agenda of returning the United States to the twelfth century, dependent on windmills for power. There was a time Americans could get into their Oldsmobiles and go wherever they wanted, but that day, if Obama has his way, will soon be over.



In my Merry Oldsmobile

I would sit behind the wheel

And I’d go as far as I wanted to

Cost per gallon no big deal

Taking curves at great high speed

Gave me all the fun I need

But now I’m at home and I’m feeling blue

All because of Lefty creed

Our Obama says no gas

And the pipelines shall not pass

And the Gulf’s shut down so the rigs all leave

O says shove it up your ass

O says dream the Gaia dream

Can’t you hear the good earth scream

You must all conform to what I believe

A pristine world is my dream

Now my Oldsmobile’s on blocks

We prepare for OPEC shocks

Yes it’s time to roll as Todd Beamer said

Time to clean their bloody clocks

Do the job and do it well

Time to ring the Liberty Bell

Bury Leftism ‘til it’s good and dead

Send them all straight off to hell


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