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How Are Things In Old Zimbabwe?

They’ve done musicals about Oklahoma and Calcutta, how about a musical about Zimbabwe? It has all the dramatic elements: an evil dictator; a white population driven off the land and persecuted; runaway inflation as the poor starve and the dictator and his pals get richer and richer. Maybe a re-do of that old Broadway hit Finian’s Rainbow, and the hit song How Are Things In Glocca Morra?



How are things in old Zimbabwe

Are the farms and lands still growing there

Or has Mugabe stolen them

And dolin’ them

To poor folks to be fair

How are things in old Zimbabwe

Does Mugabe force the whites to flee

Has he forced on old Rhodesia there

Amnesia there

Of mem’ries of once free

Oh I see the rich black farm lands

That the settlers made to bloom

And the happy, prosperous farm hands

Who got slaughtered to make room

For Mugabe’s friends and cronies

Who now run a land of doom

How are things in old Zimbabwe