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The Battle of Chickamauga was fought September 18 to 20, 1863, between the Confederate Army of the Tennessee under Braxton Bragg, and the Union Army of the Cumberland under William Rosecrans. After two days of skirmishing and scattered attacks, Bragg launched a heavy attack on the morning of 20 September. Union General Wood, receiving an order to move his division, did so, even though he was under heavy attack, thus opening a huge hole in the Union line, allowing the Confederates to swarm through and attack the Federal line in the flanks. The Federals pulled back in confusion and defeat, But General Thomas got his men on a hill and defended the army through the rest of the day, earning thereby the name Rock of Chickamauga. During the night the Union army quit the field and returned to Chattanooga. It was a Confederate victory, of a sort, for Bragg’s army suffered heavy losses, and in the campaigns of 1864 was unable to withstand the assault of General Sherman who took Atlanta, assuring the re-election of Abraham Lincoln and the winning of the war and the preservation of the Union.



A distant hint of butternut

In silence came the host

Across the fields to where the bluecoats lay

In woods beside a little stream

Where men shared nervous talk

And thought of home that warm September day

The drums grew louder as the ranks

Of iron willed men drew close

Then halted as the files were shaken out

Then with a cry the lines advanced

Into the bluecoat flame

On either side was never any doubt

Amid the flags and bugle calls

The dying and the slain

Lay still in place in God’s embracing arms

And there they’d stay ‘til the sweet sound

Of bugles called them home

To see again their mothers and their farms


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