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Larry, Moe And Curly

The Three Stooges are but a distant memory, though elections bring out all the Stooges who think they should be in the Oval Office. It need not have been that way, at least not this year, but the Republican first team decided not to play and so we are left with the second string and jayvees. Obama may have a plan to cancel the election, but I don’t think he needs to. All he needs to do is give the stage to the three stooges and stay out of sight until November.



Those right wing guys are truly nuts

To think that that Obama putz

Will cancel the election with a wink

And rule by Diktat with a smile

And honeyed words that will beguile

The masses as they hail their new found Kink

And yet the signs are everywhere

That for the polls he does not care

He acts as though it’s in the bag for sure

He sleeps and golfs and appoints czars

As though it’s written in the stars

That he will be the prez another four

The curtain’s closed, the stage is dark

But in the wings a whispered “Hark!”

As in the dark the Stooges tiptoe in

And then to everyone’s surprise

Moe’s fingers stick in Curly’s eyes

And thus another Stoogie does begin

The audience consists of one

Obama laughs at all the fun

The Stooges just give him a laughing fit

And no it isn’t Larry, Moe

That sends Obama laughing so

It’s Stooges named Ron Paul and Newt and Mitt


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