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The Games People Play

Russia is holding war games in order to tamp down the tension in the Middle East and Washington has canceled war games in order to tamp down tension in the Middle East, while Iran is holding war games in order to tamp up tension in the Middle East. Is there a winner in this game? Does anyone know the rules? Are there any rules?



Oh the games that people play

Some on grass and some on clay

Little kids play kick the can

And so do pols since time began

Games in tune with nursery rhymes

Games that date to ancient times

Games of war where no one dies

At least not ‘til the missile flies

The Russkies play at war because

The see themselves in US jaws

Israelis play from mortal fear

The Persian bomb is drawing near

The Mullahs play to call our bluff

They win ‘til someone says “Enough!”

Obama says he will not play

Perhaps he will some other day

Yes games are fun, we sing and laugh

Composing someone’s epitaph


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