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Nostradamus, Guest Blogger, Vol 6

With all the talk of Chinese credit bubbles and collapsing economies in Greece, it is time to put your money in a safe place by betting on Nostradamus. It is time once again for Nostradamus’s mysteriously unerring predictions about the coming sport season. For those of you who bet on line, you can put your money where your mouse is.



The Super Bowl is not for dolts

The betting’s not for those with nightly faints

The smart guys give the points and take the Colts

The smarter guys lay down and take the Saints


The Final Four this year includes Kentucky

While Kansas has a shot to take it all

Though Villanova or the ‘Cuse just might get lucky

Don’t put your money down on Seton Hall


The baseball season surely is a long one

The Phillies seem the class of senior league

The Red Sox seem this year to be the wrong one

The Phillies trump the Yanks and win it big


The BCS is surely not the right way

To crown the champ of college football’s year

A playoff’s what we need is what the fan’s say

The winner is – dang my Chinese crystal ball’s unclear



Take The Points

Some things are even more important than politics, and NFL Championship Sunday is one of them. For that reason, I, Nostradamus, will give you my predictions for Sunday’s games. My first prediction is a dome team will win at least one of the games, and since three of the four teams still playing are dome teams, that one is a one hundred percent certainty, as are most of my predictions. And secondly, I will tell you what I have always told the Medicis. Take the points.



The Jets they like to run the ball

Those passing plays they just don’t call

They play defense like hair’s on fire

I see them going wire to wire


The Colts though like to spread it out

With Peyton there is little doubt

That when the man is in the zone

There’s not a game he does not own


The Vikings have a man named Favre

Who grins because he likes to carve

Those corners up with pinpoint throws

And he could win it, I suppose


The Saints sure look like destiny’s team

They’ve never reached the Super Bowl dream

This time as pretty as you please

They’ll get there ‘cause of one Drew Brees