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The Egyptian opposition to Mubarak is composed mostly of young people, students mostly, who have taken a page out of the American Tea Party’s book and organized around Facebook , Twitter and the Internet, keeping in touch electronically, with no clear

Leaders. This has strengths but also weaknesses. Strengths in that the government has no one person or group of persons to arrest, and weaknesses because no one is really in charge, and so the Egyptian Tea Party is open to being taken over by more sophisticated forces. A man on a white horse, perhaps. Maybe even a latter day Saladin.



When I was a boy my mother’s cup

Of favorite eat would steam

Until she smiled and filled it up

With sugar cube and cream

Salada tea was what she drank

No thought of Egypt here

And no connection, to be frank

No tea parties were near

But now it seems that we may see

A Salada to come

The name just reeks of history

A hero name to some

A Saladin may soon arise

As once he did before

On prancing horse he’ll grab the prize

And laughing, go to war

Salah ad din, the king of kings

A warrior prince of old

Bedecked with diamonds, pearls and rings

A man so fierce and bold

And Egypt will take up the flame

For God and Saladin

And go to war in Islam’s name

And so it will begin

Yes mom would sit in morning sun

And drink her cup of tea

Salada tea, yes that’s the one

And dream of what might be


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