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Samantha Power, one of Obama’s chief advisors, has had her dream legislation approved by the United Nations. It is called Required To Protect. The Unite Nations mandate now requires member states to intervene in cases where a government is endangering civilians, and was the operating mandate that Obama used to go into Libya without Congressional approval, saying the UN mandate trumps the US Constitution. But intervention in Libya was not Samantha’s purpose. The entire purpose of Samantha Power’s UN resolution was the destruction of Israel, a country and people she hates. The United Nations now has the power to order member countries to invade Israel if Israel attacks the terrorists in Gaza who are sending rockets into Israel, killing children in school buses. If she has her way, and Obama orders the US military to attack Israel, there will be a nuclear response from Israel, and Damascus, Teheran and Riyadh will be no more. Samantha Power is a very dangerous left wing zealot, so naturally she is a favorite at the Obama White House.



If Tennyson could never know a flower

And if he did what could he then expect

What make we then of one Samantha Power

Who claims United Nations can protect

Civilians who are seen to be in danger

From warring tribes or despots and the like

What matter we don’t know who’s friend or stranger

What matters is the USA must strike

At Israel the source of world wide trouble

And once the Jews are gone the troubles wane

One little prick will soon explode their bubble

World peace at hand thanks to Barack Hussein


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