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A Dangerous Precedent, A Dangerous President

We all remember the pictures of President Obama bowing low and lovingly to the Saudi king, and now we have another picture of President Obama bowing obsequiously to the Japanese emperor Akihito. Next on the itinerary is China, and one wonders how low our president will bow to the portrait of Mao. Will he bow to the president of China? Stay tuned. But the question is not how low will President Obama bow to foreign potentates, nor how often and how sorrowfully he will apologize to the world for the evil done by the United States, but how did we ever elect such a man to the office he now besmirches and demeans.   



There was a time, though not of late

That US presidents

Would shake the hands of heads of state

But now the precedent’s

To bow and scrape in humbled awe

Before the Saudi king

And just today as we all saw

Kiss Akihito’s ring

Our president thinks we’re beneath

The kings and queens he sees

So to them honor he’ll bequeath

By sinking to his knees

Apologizing for our sins

And mercenary ways

And seeing that the bad guy wins

And Uncle Sammy pays

How did it ever come to this

That we elect, alas

A man who loves to give a kiss

To every kingly ass