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Science Fiction Magic

Many years ago Arthur C. Clarke, a science fiction writer, said a sufficiently advanced technology was indistinguishable from magic. And so it is. We live in a world that was only a plot line in the science fiction stories of the 50s and 60s. I read those stories and dreamed of the day I would see instant world-wide communications, space flight and all the magical technology those masters of the science fiction world envisioned.



I started reading sci fi 1950

The names of writers read are with me still

The stories and the settings were so nifty

That I will not forget and never will

With writers like Del Rey and C. M. Kornbluth

All fans of great good writing got their wish

They gave you all the battered, bruised and torn truth

And so did Fredric Brown and good James Blish

Leigh Brackett was no slouch, nor was Ted Sturgeon

And Alfred Bester set my hair on fire

The thrill of seeing guys like Pohl emergin’

They wrote great stuff of which I never tire

With Bradbury and Clarke and of course Heinlein

Their stories and their worlds will never fade

To pick one I would have to walk a fine line

These were the finest writers ever made

I read them all and gloried in the telling

Of Asimov’s lost worlds in blackest space

Where things I never dreamed seemed so compelling

And heroes bravely fought with wit and grace



Bug-eyed Monsters

The United States now has the capability of flying over hostile or friendly territory and cause all signals to vanish, all screens to go dark, no facebook, no twitter, no television, no radio, replaced with whatever message the government wants you to see and hear. That used to be science fiction. No longer. We trust our government to do that only to our enemies and not to do that to us. Don’t we? 



Buggy eyed monsters and bare bosomed dames

The covers of pulp mags of yore

Screamed loudly as writers of recognized names

Caused space ships to come to our shore

Advanced as they were o’er the likes of us then

They beamed out their message en clair

And sent us their likeness so very like men

Then landed and walked down the stair

Onto the lawn of the White House no less

To bring peace and health to us all

They promised that all of mankind they would bless

And gathered us onto the Mall

Now who would’ve thought that that day it would come

When space ships would overhead fly

And make all the facebooks and twitters go dumb

While spewing the government lie


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