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Der Tag

President Obama has placed Aegis missile cruisers and destroyers in the Persian Gulf to prevent the Israelis from attacking Iran. Are they also in place to prevent a retaliatory Israeli strike after an Iranian attack?



The day has come, the old man said

Allah has shown his hand

By now the Jewish scum are dead

The birds have left the land

Shahabs have flown, we’ve seen the trails

They headed west at dawn

With shuttered eyes one hears the wails

Of Israeli gone

No more will we be called a wog

No more the monstrous sneer

Today my son it is Der Tag

The final time is here

The Jewish entity no more

The cancer is erased

By Shahab missiles by the score

And all supremely placed

Will not the Jews return the blow

His little son replied

His father smiled and answered No

Obama’s on our side