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Jews Or Jaws

A spate of shark attacks recently off the coast of Sharm el Sheikh, an Egyptian tourist resort at the tip of the Sinai penisnsula, has caused the Egyptian functionaries much distress, as the attacks have disrupted the smooth flow of tourist dollars into the nearly empty Egyptian treasury. Of course, in typical Arab fashion, they blamed the shark attacks on the Jews, claiming the Israelis secretly threw the sharks into the sea for the express purpose of discomfiting the Egyptians. Apparently they never saw Jaws. But on the other hand, there is little difference between Jews and Jaws.



I‘m throwing in the towel

It’s just a tiny vowel

That spells the difference between jews and jaws

Do consonants do harm?

What happens then when Sharm

El Sheikh turns into Shark will give you pause

My momma always said

Son use your punkin’ head

Don’t swim where big black fins are seen offshore

I’ve heeded that advice

Except for once or twice

And now I sing much higher than before