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It’s Magic

President Obama, in the wake of the Massachusetts tsunami, is shuffling the deck chairs, bringing back into the White House the guys who ran the 2008 campaign that got him elected to the job he is clearly not competent to hold. He hopes to bring back that old black magic. Many years ago the immortal Doris Day sang about the magic of being in love. I believe the country is well over the love affair with the man Spike Lee has called the Magical Negro.



He sighs, the song begins

He speaks and they hear violins

It’s magic

The stars desert the skies

As he cuts health care down to size

It’s magic

And then along came Brown

Of Wrentham, Mass

And it all came undone

Alack, alas

You’re done, you’re finished bro

And take Alinsky when you go

It’s magic

No more can you explain

That Bush is cause of all that rain

It’s magic

Why do I tell myself

All that is happening is all really true

It’s just because I know

The magic is that you are through