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Start Your Engines

President Obama has concluded a Strategic Arms Limitation Agreement (START) with Russia that will cut the legal limits on warheads by 30% and launchers by 50%. This at a time when everyone else is gearing up for a run for the nuclear roses. START made sense in a bi-polar world, where the nuclear powers were the US, Britain and France on one side and the USSR on the other. But how much sense does it make today when Pakistan, India, Israel, China and North Korea are nuclear powers, with Iran soon to be included. And once Iran has nuked up, then everyone in the Middle East will nuke up. START seems to be a good name for it. The race is on. Start your engines.   



The world had much a safer stance

When there were only four

‘Twas us and Russkies, Brits and France

But now, who’s keeping score?

There’s India and Pakistan

And China and the Norks

And Israel and soon Teheran

The road has many forks

And soon the Saudis and Iraq

Will nuke up just in case

The mullahs run it off the track

And then, without a trace

The Middle East just disappears

In flame and smoke and sand

And fighting’s back to bows and spears

Between each camel band

A nuke exchange, if come to pass

Within the Middle East

Would see those countries turned to glass

That we would miss the least