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It’s All A Cunning Plan

Marc Ambinder, in the Atlantic, has spun a virtuous angle around President Obama’s failure to say anything about the thwarted bomb attack on the Northwest flight from Amsterdam to Detroit the other day. According to Ambinder, it was a very clever plan on the part of the president: by continuing with his vacation in Hawaii he did not dignify the attack by commenting on it, did not give al Qaeda the satisfaction of knowing the Great One had so much as noticed them. Of course these were the same kinds of people who heaped calumny and contempt upon President Bush when he was caught reading to some kindergartners when the Twin Towers were attacked on 11 September 2001. To those of us not bent over in adoration of the Obama the Great, the clever plan takes on a somewhat more sinister aspect. We suspect that the president of the United States, who spent twenty years in the pews of a church that preached hatred of the United States in general and white men in particular might not be wholeheartedly on our side.  



My name is Ambinder

And if I can find her

I’ll ask the DHS to tell

What happened at Schipol

That almost took wee toll

Of airplane and people as well

There’s nothing to see here

The president will be here

As soon as he’s finished his game

In meantime the gap in

Our intel may happen

But we know that Bush is to blame

The problems we’re fixin’

Go back to Dick Nixon

We’ve no time for terrorist plans

The prez will not notice

No matter they goad us

Because they know just where he stands

He stands square with free men

And knows that to be men

Al Qaeda and Taliban must fight

The wars George Bush gave them

And this prez will save them

By leading them into the light

They would not attack us

Instead they would back us

And join us in health care reform

And praise our decisions

On carbon emissions

And Islam would soon be the norm