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A Bondian Aspect

Last Friday, before we got run over by Obamacare over the weekend, we began the saga of one Sulim Amadayev, the Chechen turncoat who was gunned down by the Russians in Dubai, killed by a man with a gold plated automatic, in a clear reference to Agent 007. Continuing the saga, the intriguing question is – will the Russians follow along the Bondian path? Will Russian assassins be reading the adventures of James Bond as they track down their prey? 



The Bondian aspect, golden gun

Reveals the fiendish clever fun

The Russkies have when playing out their games

We’ll very soon discover that

The next assassin used a hat

Like Odd Job tried to use on dapper James

Or how about the laser beam

A Dr No or Blofeld scheme?

Or maybe someone else who tried the deed

But Bond would even up the score

With romps with his Pussy Galore

Then when the plot got thick he’d intercede

But Bond was fiction, this was real

It had a kind of final feel

The Russkies don’t forget and don’t forgive

You cross those babies and you’re dead

In a garage or in your bed

When bought you stay if you expect to live




The Man With The Golden Gun

A Chechen man named Sulim Amadayev, who had led secret Russian GRU units against his fellow Chechens, turned against his Russian masters and switched sides. The Russians, not taking kindly to betrayal, tracked Sulim down and shot him dead in a Dubai luxury hotel. Reports are that Amadayev was shot by a man with a gold plated automatic. Shades of James Bond.



A golden arm, a golden gun

See how it glitters in the sun

A quiet word, a leisured smile

And you’ll be gone a good long while

Dubai’s the place if you must go

With luck you’ll win or place or show

The towers, sand and cool gulf breeze

Again with luck a life of ease

But if you’ve crossed those Russian gents

They’ll track you down, hang the expense

A golden arm, a golden gun

See how it glitters in the sun