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Assad Sad Day

Trouble in the Middle East and Middle East North Africa.  Assad is on his way out, Jordan is trying to act as a fixer between Hamas and Fatah, Hamas is ditching Assad and Syria for a bigger and richer lover, Turkey, and the Sunnis and the Shi’as are at daggers drawn, as usual for the past thousand and more years. Yawn.



It’s Assad sad day in the Middle East

You’d think that things would at the very least

Be somewhat friendly what with common foes

That’s how the MENA goes

The Sunni Shia are at daggers drawn

Hamas and Fatah swear they’ll meet at dawn

And everybody wants Israelis dead

But harder done than said

A thousand years they’re here what do we find

A thousand years they’re here and still behind

No art no science not a thing to show

It’s time for them to go


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