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Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!

Germs are getting more and more difficult to kill these days, what with their ability to adapt quickly. It seems built into every little germ and animalcule is a genius-like ability to change almost instantly into something else; still a germ, but a super germ, one that laughs at our feeble attempts to subjugate nature.



Yes the bugs they are commencing

To defy our best sequencing

As they dance and sing down deep inside our gut

They don’t know what they are doing

And they can’t see what they’re viewing

But is nature just the greatest thing or what

So when Leeuwenhoek discovered

That his teeth were fairly covered

With some little crawly things he barely saw

He said it’s not my intention

That my microscope invention

Would find living creatures swimming ‘round my jaw

Little Beasties he first called ‘em

Then discovered if we scald ‘em

They would die and then they’d bother us no more

But the Beasties deep inside us

Would just laughingly deride us

As they planned the darker stuff they had in store