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The Obama administration, through the Environmental Protection Agency, is partnering with the Parent Teachers Organization to launch a 6,000 school tour to teach kids about global warming and energy efficiency. The very thought of such a thing is staggering. What is the purpose of this? Obama Jugend? We’ve all seen the pictures of those little kids in Burlington, NJ singing “I love Barack Hussein Obama, mmm mmm mmm.” The perpetrators of this outrage speak smugly of it being a teaching moment. How about teaching them there is no such thing as man-made global warming, that the data was fudged, rigged to get the desired result, and that the earth a thousand years ago was much, much warmer than it is now, and this before the only harmful thing put into the atmosphere was an occasional cow fart. Why not teach them that for true energy efficiency we need nuclear electricity generating plants, something the lefties who scream for energy efficiency are steadfastly against. Why not tell the kids UFOs are real, or leprechauns lurk at the bottom of the garden? Why not teach the kids something that’s true, like honor thy father and thy mother and that the United States is a fair and decent country? For that matter, why doesn’t the president stop apologizing for the supposed sins of the United States, why doesn’t he stop betraying our friends and smiling at our enemies? The more I see and hear of the current administration the more I am convinced we live not in a rational universe but in a cartooniverse.  



When I see pictures from the Hubble

I oft times think I’m seeing double

Though clearly what I see’s our universe

Yet when I hear Obama say

Just blame it on the USA

I know we’re now in a cartooniverse

The stars that once were so aligned

And galaxies that God designed

Now seem to be awry and much displaced

The constellations come undone

With every word the mighty One

Delivers for the country he’s disgraced

He tells the UN that our past

Was wrong and he’ll see that at last

The US stops its harsh and brutal ways

And joins the peaceful countries that

Rule not by laws but by fiat

And that the world will then see better days

He’s sold Israeli people out

It’s Arab wants he cares about

He’s cut missile defense and Air Force planes

He wants the US cut to size

He wants us just like other guys

He says we’re just the same as Paks or Danes

He’s taken o’er the banks and cars

And set us up for rule by czars

And wants to bury health care for us now

Yes Hubble shows a different world

Where space is stretched and time is curled

And we’re in constellation Holy Cow