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The Poet And The Puddycat

Alfred Lord Tennyson, who wrote such epic poetry as The Idylls Of The King, The Charge Of The Light Brigade and many, many others, wrote a poem called Flower In A Crannied Wall, in which he lamented that he could never truly know a flower. There are many things we can never truly know, including ourselves, much less a flower or a cat. But what is impossible for us may not be impossible for others. Could a cat truly love a flower, or does nature reserve love unto itself?



Tennyson could never know a flower

And I could never truly know a cat

Though once I had a talk with a meower

He told me go away and that was that

Another time I saw him by the window

I offered him a sip of sparkling wine

He shook his head but said he’d take some gin though

It’s better with the mice off which he’d dine

I asked him if he ever knew a flower

He smiled and said it’s better not to know

He said that if he ever had the power

He’d plant himself in ground and start to grow

She was so gorgeous standing in the sunlight

So fair, her petals soft and lush with dew

I know I could be with her if it’s done right

But I’m a cat and she’s a lilac blue

I left him there, eyes closed and softly crying

A love forbidden him by nature’s whim

I thought you just can’t blame a man for trying

But thankful all the while that I’m not him


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