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California Dreamin’

California was once known as the Golden State, a land of milk and honey, good jobs, and good living. All gone now, thanks to decades of Left wing politics that enriched the unions and bankrupted the rest of the populace with higher and higher taxes to pay off the promises to the unions that elected them. More and more burdensome regulations pushed by the environmental whackos drove businesses from the state, which meant more and more taxes on the individual to make up for it. On the verge of bankruptcy, on the verge of economic and social collapse, the voters of California had the option, last November, of electing a proven businesswoman who would save the state or electing a career politician who belonged to the liberal party that brought the state to the verge of economic collapse in the first place. They elected the liberal whose plan for saving the state was to raise taxes. It is said that people get the government they deserve, and this is certainly true in the case of California.



They love their Charles Manson

And hate their Victor Hanson

They love their Lefty charmers

And hate their working farmers

They love kinky seducers

And hate the wealth producers

They love their Lefty greenies

And hate Fox Channel meanies

And now with empty pockets

And new laws on the dockets

That punish those who work still

To give to those who work nil

They think that we will save them

But we should just enslave them

And make work unrequited

Until the land they’ve blighted

Is prosperous and sunny

Awash in hard earned money

And Lefty pols are banished

And Boxerdom has vanished

And when they’ve reached that station

We’ll welcome to our nation

A State no more beholden

A State that’s once more Golden


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