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The Pharaoh’s Daughter

Iran has just completed war games dubbed The Great Prophet, in which swarms of armed speedboats darted out from the marshes and bulrushes of the shore and battered and sank a helpless, unarmed and unmoving derelict in the Gulf, causing the mullahs great glee, believing the games demonstrate the power of the Iranian Navy to sink any US ship foolish enough to challenge them in the restricted waters of the Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz. But the US Navy has an answer for that. It is called the Littoral Combat Ship, designed to operate in just such restricted waters. Will it come to that? You betcha, as soon as Israel strikes and the Iranians close the Strait to tanker traffic. What doth it Prophet the Iranians if they take not the world litorally?



You’ve got to take your hat and doff it

To the guys who ran Great Prophet

Showing itty bitty speedboats sinking ships

Smiling how they would just hide ‘em

And at proper time just ride ‘em

Out from bulrushes that mask the radar blips

Sink a tanker, that’s just gravy

But of course the US Navy

Has an answer that the mullahs sure will hate

Little speedboats in the water

Will have need for Pharaoh’s daughter

For the bulrushes won’t save them from their fate