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The Holy Roman Empire

France and Germany seem intent on keeping the Eurozone going, if only with 17 of the original 27 countries. A look at the map and you will have seen this all before. It was called the Holy Roman Empire, and it lasted from about 800 AD to 1600 AD, so it must have had something going for it.



How grand it seemed in Aachen

Carolus Magnus on the throne

Where all was well with Europe

From the Elbe to the Rhone

Eight hundred years it lasted

Though no one knew quite how

And while neither holy nor Roman

It functioned, ah but now

The Imperium Romanum Sacrum

Immortal, blessed by God

Is but a scarce thought memory

Long dead beneath the sod

Reborn, the Heiliges Romisches

A Reich for thousand years

Is crumbling into ashes

And none be shedding tears


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