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Mothers Day

The Mommy State is with us, as evidenced by the overwhelming number of women who voted for Barack Obama, as well as for the general state of the culture that is becoming more and more like France every day.  Women are different from men, in that their first thought is the protection and maintenance of their children.  Where once a woman depended on a man for these services, she now depends on the State, and so will continue to vote for those who agree to provide for them.  Men are no longer needed.  The State is now husband and master.  But can it last?



We find us poised with quite a daunting thesis

An argument with which I must agree

When Mommy State implodes who gets the pieces

Is something I at present cannot see

Some claim in eighteen one a Brit named Tyler

Proclaimed democracies not long to run

He didn’t say it just to be a riler

He said that in the best case, number one

Democracies last only ‘til the voters

Find out their votes breed governmental doles

He didn’t know that once invented motors

That women could be driven to the polls

They voted in the guys who’d give them power

They’re voting for them to this very day

They disengaged the cradle from the bower

And now we find we’ll soon have hell to pay

The Mommy State has fastened on our culture

But surely it has finally run its course

That shadow overhead is from a vulture

Just waiting for some unforgiving force

To put a noisy end to all this posing

To see such nonsense put at last to bed

I see this lefty chapter quickly closing

If lucky we shall not have many dead

The Mommy State will last until some tragic

Event now clearly seen as tipping point

Will clean the slate again as if by magic

And once again the men will run the joint