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Dusty Rooms

The welfare state created by Democrats sixty years ago is now coming apart at the bloated seams, and many wonder what happened to the dream of untold riches for all, courtesy of the nanny state. The golden days are gone, never to return, at least not for the foreseeable future, and we are left to wander through the dusty rooms of our minds, wondering where it all went.



I wander through the dusty room

My mind enclosed by distant past

Dark furniture lost in the gloom

Ghosts whispering it could not last

So bright the glow of golden days

When all we wanted seemed so near

We counted not the many ways

The end would come for things held dear

So rich we were that those in need

Were given riches beyond worth

To caution words we paid no heed

We all were kings at time of birth

‘Tis painful now to see the way

The world’s become such bitter ground

How once was here but could not stay

The golden time we thought we found

I wander through the dusty room

That is my youth now in decay

And weep for days in coming gloom

That once were here but could not stay


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