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Free Love And Pot

The sixties were the breeding ground for all the Lefty problems we are now facing. In 1960 the national Democratic party was more conservative than the Republican party of today. Harry Truman and John Kennedy were more conservative than Bus I and Bush II. But the sixties generation captured the Democratic party and turned it into the radical lefty party it is today. But they have had their run. Thanks to Obama, the public is awake at last to what they are, and what they intend. The Revolution to restore the American democracy has begun. The sixties are over. On election night the voters tossed them out, never to rise again.



Free love, drugs and pot

I liked it a lot

The sixties were lovely as sin

Of course in my case

They passed without trace

I was always outside looking in

We thought they looked neat

Mini-skirts on the street

Net stockings and makeup severe

As flower girls went

They all had the scent

Of unshowered pot smoke and beer

How little we knew

That their left point of view

Would one day put country in peril

We thought at the time

There’s no reason or rhyme

To think ill of that cute little girl

Yet pregnant they got

And gave birth to a lot

Of Alinskyite women and boys

Who looked to the left

And by sheer ballot theft

Started taking the country’s few joys

Away from the folks

And stealing their pokes

And turning us into Greece light

But now they are gone

And we have a new dawn

That began on that November night!