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The Frog

The socialist revolution that has been underway since FDR in the thirties, has just about run its course, and the country is now in the position of willingly running off the cliff to economic destruction and the permanent change in the nature of the country and its culture, or stop where we are and try to reverse course, back to freedom and capitalism. The Left was both clever and patient. It took them seventy years to complete the subjugation of the academy, the media and all Federal government institutions. They did it one step at a time, so no one noticed that our freedoms were being taken away, one salami slice at a time. They gave goodies to favored groups, making them voting slaves of the government that handed out the checks. Like the old tale of the frog in the pan of cold water, he will not notice the slowly warming water until it is too late for him to jump out. And so he dies, never knowing what killed him.



Take a pan of red hot water

Take a frog and drop him in

And he’ll leap out in an instant

With a silly smirking grin

For the frog knows that to cook him

You must take it nice and slow

Put him in some nice cold water

And then turn the heat on low

Just as frogs can’t tell they’re cooking

And will sit there as they die

So do people take the goodies

From the government supply

Until much too late it happens

That a thought will cross some minds

That the pot that holds the goodies

Is the pot that holds all kinds

Of the things the Leftists want you

To believe are yours by right

And so happily you sit there

As your country fades from sight

Down the Lefty driven rat hole

While your children in despair

Cry for want of all the freedom

That we lost without a care

Yes be careful what you sit in

For the Left will on the sly

Turn the heat on oh so slowly

And sit back and watch you die