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A Walk On The Beach

Being human, we sometimes think of the end of life and what it may bring. Some believe it brings eternal life, while others believe it leads only the darkness of the grave. Whether life is full of trials and travail or is all honey and roses, I believe the end is the same for all of us; a short walk on a beach, before we meet He who made us.



Alone on the beach with the sky turning gray

The timeless sea murmuring low

Our minds try to reach out to the coming day

But deep in our souls this we know

That we are but one of the coarse grains of sand

That God in his wisdom has placed

On all of the beaches that make up the band

Of star worlds that His Son has graced

Alone on the beach with the coming of dawn

Our thoughts turn to God’s holy might

We know none will miss us for long when we’re gone

And walk down that path toward the light

The universe moves on without us it seems

As hard as it is to believe

The stars do not care for our hopes and our dreams

And its only ourselves who will grieve

Alone on the beach with our wonder to give

As the murmuring sea sheds the night

We know that with God’s grace we always will live

Safe and warm in our God’s holy sight