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Train Wreck

The party’s over. The eighty year progressive/socialist era that began with FDR has run its course, and is now in the process of imploding as mounting and unsustainable debt runs Europe off the track, with the United States right behind. There is a violent train wreck just ahead, with economic reality and socialist dreams on the same track and traveling in opposite directions. Reminds me of the old story of the man, the trains and a little red wagon.


Standing at the crossing, a man saw two trains racing toward each other on the same track. Seeing a small boy in a little red wagon, the man raced down the street, grabbed the boy and the bright red wagon and raced back to the railroad crossing. “Sit here, son,” the man said breathlessly, “and in a minute there’s gonna be the gol-darndest train wreck you’ll ever see.”



A big eight wheeler running down the track

Coal smoke pouring out its fuming stack

The welfare system carried on its back

And time is running out

Pensioners are gonna tighten belts

Runs on banks before the money melts

Angry out-of-workers raising welts

On those who caused the rout

Times are changing for the statist crowd

Used up all the time they were allowed

All those things of which they were so proud

And now it’s down in flame

Back to drawing boards for welfare states

Time to clear the decks and wash the slates

Time to take the stuff from those ingrates

Who now say we’re to blame


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