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Insider Traitors

The Taliban and al Qaeda have successfully used the tactic of the Inside Attack. A Muslim jihadist gains the trust of the authorities and is permitted access to areas an untrusted Muslim would not be permitted to enter, and at the appropriate time opens fire or blows himself up, taking the hated infidel with him. We see it in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and at Fort Hood, among many others. But it isn’t only the Taliban and al Qaeda who are successfully using the tactic of the Inside Attack, it is happening right here, at home.



A man I know, a cheerful man

A man of circumspection

Looked lost in thought and downright glum

At least on first inspection

I asked why he seemed so upset

He shook his head so sadly

And said the world that he once knew

Was doing now so badly

We’re taking sides right now, he said

With all the guys who hate us

Our president is doing all

He can to help deflate us

He’s filled the White House to the brim

With Marxists and Jew haters

I fear the country’s stock is rigged

By these Insider Traitors