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A Plea For Understanding

President Obama, despite calling the Libyan war a turd sandwich in a Cabinet meeting,  has ordered the CIA to do covert operations in Libya. So now a war the president did not feel the need to ask Congress to approve is now to be done in secret and in darkness. Pretty much the way this administration does everything. Questions are naturally being raised, and the president, in a recent interview in a darkened room, has pleaded for understanding.



To all who do not understand

Please let me state my case

All presidents would do the same

Were they now in my place

The constitution is quite clear

Before we go to war

A vote in congress is a must

But that was long before

My polling numbers took a dive

I needed a quick spark

And what was more inviting than

A war to make my mark

A war against an evil man

Who dressed in women’s clothes

Who lived the sybaritic life

That every Bedouin loathes

He’d gorgeous nurses from Kiev

Young girls to fight his wars

And dashing women cavalry

Known as Kaddafi’s whores

Or maybe it’s Khaddafi’s Horse

We know he slurs his words

Whatever, this war’s nothing like

A sandwich made of turds

The world will little know or note

What we do here today

It only matters that I win

And for that let us pray


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