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Grabbing Some Sky

It has been revealed that Iran has provided to terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan a handy and inexpensive device called a SkyGrabber, and trained them in its use. SkyGrabber can download pictures from American drones, thereby allowing terrorists to track the drones as the drones fly around tracking them. In theory this will enable Commander Ahmed to see his house on his laptop and thereby know a drone has him in its sights. There has been much wringing of hands over this revelation, with cries for investigations and screams that the drones should not broadcast in the clear. This misses the point. If Ahmed decides to stay in his house, he dies in his house. If he jumps in his car and runs for it, he dies in his car. 



A drone’s a bee that has no sting

And gathers him no honey

Or parasite who knows one thing

Like spending others’ money

Now sound can be a kind of drone

Like buzzing or like humming

Or talking in a dull like moan

Or fixed incessant drumming

Another drone, like bees, can fly

Much higher though, and stealthy

They fly in loops around the sky

And if you’re seen? Not healthy

The terrorist’s a stingless drone

A parasite who’s humming

And just because he taps our phone

He won’t know when it’s coming