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Bill And Hill

Former President Bill Clinton has just been named Special UN Envoy for Haiti. It seems the Clintons will always be with us. We know Bill’s story, and how he got there, but what of Hillary? First Lady, Senator from New York, Secretary of State, none of which would have happened had she not married Bill. The true story of how Bill and Hillary met has not been told, except to me, by an acquaintance from Arkansas, who knew them back in the sweet used to be.



Young Hill, fresh out of school of law

While driving south for pleasure

Did chance to be in Arkansas

Which she thought was a treasure

She thought she’d stay a little while

But not for long, no, mercy

The backwoods didn’t suit her style

But better than New Jercy

She thought she better get a job

A good one would be dandy

She asked a guy whose shirt said Bob

Who said see Bill or Randy

You’ll find them in old Frank’s Saloon

Most evenin’s after dinner

You’ll know them, Randy’s a balloon

While Bill’s a little thinner

She wondered what they did for funs

In woods so deep, my gracious

And stuffed a pair of tiny guns

Into her bra capacious

Inside she found a lookin’ guy

A-grinnin’ and a-leerin’

He fixed her with his wand’rin eye

So graciously endearin’

She said hello and might by chance

You’re either Bill or Randy

I’m both he laughed and we can dance

To good old boy Moe Bandy

They spun the floor, her head awhirl

They danced the floor so lightly

She thought I’m just a college girl

He’s holding me too tightly

And what is more he is for sure

So absolutely charming

And though I’m just the girl du jour

This feeling is alarming

She knew she had to pry him free

She’d have to try the pistols

She hated how he hummed off key

She didn’t like the whistles

She pulled her guns, said you’re too much

I like my men more strangerous

He grinned, said ah could tell by touch

Them mammalia was derringerous

You weren’t all that scared, she said

Are guns in bras so normal

And with a grin he shook his head

Said not when goin’ formal

He said a gal he sometimes saw

Who every woman hates

She always carried in her bra

A pair of 38s

They fell in love right then and there

To everyone a mystery

They pledged their lives they each would share

The rest, they say, is history