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Who’s Got My Stash?

The United States is some 14 trillion dollars in debt and has lost its AAA bond rating, meaning we will all pay higher interest rates on everything. Our debt is so large as to be unpayable, and if our creditors ever demanded instant payment we would have to declare bankruptcy. And all because we have drifted down the path to socialism for the last seventy years, and now we have reached the point all socialist countries reach when the socialist politicians run out of other peoples’ money. I found Uncle Sam sitting on a curb a few days ago, and asked him why he looked so glum. He said it looked like he would soon be broke unless the politicians stopped spending money he didn’t have. I asked what happened to all the money he used to have, and he said somebody stole his stash.



I am not poor, I’m not, he cried, that’s all a dirty lie

It’s just that right now all my money’s gone

He sobbed a bit and wiped his eyes and gave a weary sigh

And said he now had nothing left to pawn

I gave so much to others when they needed it the most

For many years I kept the world from harm

When famine came or earthquakes struck, I do not like to boast

I picked them up and offered my right arm

At home I tried to help the poor and help them make the climb

But somehow things just went from bad to worse

And now I’m sitting on a curb flat broke without a dime

And sobbing uncontrollably in verse


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