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Uncle Thaek And Barack The First

Word has been smuggled out of the murderous hermit kingdom of North Korea that the new thug in charge, Kim Jong Un, has just had his uncle Thaek executed for not clapping vigorously enough at one of Kim’s speeches. You will recall he also recently killed his ex girlfriend and her entire family, though what caused Kim to set in motion this rather unfortunate occurrence has not yet emerged. Has it occurred to you that socialism in its more strident forms leads always to murder on a grand scale? Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, et al. The thing about the Left is that once in power they rarely give it up. Which brings us to Obama. Do you think he will gracefully step down at noon on 20 January 2017? Let us hope he does. Until now this has never been in question.

What can we make of Uncle Thaek
Whose death had caught him napping
What would it take, for goodness sake
To make believe you’re clapping
The time and tide is on the side
Of socialists our masters
We can’t elide, we must abide
Our man-made Left disasters
Once on the path, just do the math
To rule’s a family business
He’s what you hath, beware his wrath
Salute his awesome Hisness
When monarchs die, poor butterfly
Their colors fade and wither
No one to cry for such as I
While Stalin plays the zither
Obama waits, he has the States
Ignore the Twenty-second
Cancelled debates, he tests the fates
The bony finger beckoned
Begin the ride, the downhill slide
To tyrannous perfection
Forget your pride, you’re Barack’s bride
You’ll walk at his direction