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Semper Fi

The question is being asked again – Is amphibious warfare a thing of the past? Do we really need a Marine Corps? This questioning of the necessity of the Marine Corps happens after every war. With the coming of peace the money stops, and the Navy has to fight for its share of the smaller pie, and naturally wants to spend it on ships. The Marine Corps gets reduced in size, gets the left-overs, the hand-me-downs, the old tanks the Army no longer wants, the airplanes the Navy has retired. And despite it all the Corps stays ready for the call when the country needs it. When the crisis comes the Marine Corps responds like it always has; with honor and duty and courage.



They tried to kill us many times

They tried to kill the Corps

They try to kill us every time

After every war

They cut us back and cut us down

They starve us near to death

But when dark trouble comes our way

And nation holds its breath

They call on us again to fight

And hold the banner high

And we respond and always will

With cries of Semper Fi!